The Variable Man - Philip K. Dick

The Variable Man

By Philip K. Dick

  • Release Date: 2015-05-08
  • Genre: Classiques


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Terra's conflict with Proxima Centauri, an ancient and villainous Centaurian Empire, has been prevailing for generations, and Terra has yet to find a way to overcome its adversary. Both parties continually modernize their armaments with cutting-edge technology. Eventually, Terra devises a weapon against Proxima called Icarus, a bomb that travels at faster-than-light speed, making use of buildup of mass at near light speeds to demolish a target. However, Icarus does not yet work and cannot be used against Proxima Centauri.

In the midst of these events, a man named Thomas Cole escapes from a Time Bubble that was used to research the past. It is discovered that Cole has the ability to fix and make things work, thus he is called The Variable Man. The engineer on Icarus convinces Cole to calibrate Icarus. When Icarus eventually works, it turns out that Cole metamorphosed Icarus in an unforeseen way that has terrible consequences.

The Variable Man is sure to amuse with its thought-provoking and intriguing twists in an apocalyptic theme.

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